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<strong>this Too Shall Pass Poem<strong>

In life’s vast tapestry, woven with care, Exist moments of joy and moments of despair, But amidst the ebb and flow of time, A comforting truth, so sublime.

“This too shall pass,” a whispered refrain, To ease our worries, to soothe our pain, Like the shifting tides or the changing seasons, It reminds us of life’s transient reasons.

In times of sorrow, it offers solace, A gentle reminder, a guiding compass, For troubles faced and burdens borne, Will dissipate like the early morn.

And in moments of bliss, it humbles our heart, Reminding us that even joy will depart, So cherish each moment, both good and bad, For they are fleeting, the happy and sad.

“This too shall pass,” a mantra to hold tight, With gratitude and grace, it guides us right, For in life’s journey, ever changing and vast, We find strength in knowing it cannot last.

the Breakup Poem

In the realm of love, respect should dwell, A sacred bond where kindness swells, But words of venom poison the air, A love once cherished, now stripped threadbare.

You thought you could belittle and demean, Expecting my heart to remain serene, But I’ve found my voice, strong and true, No longer defined by your toxic hue.

I deserve a love that’s tender and kind, Where trust and understanding forever bind, You underestimate my strength within, For I refuse to let this darkness win.

You don’t get to disrespect and claim my heart, This relationship has been torn apart, We part ways now, my spirit unchained, A new chapter starts, where I’m unrestrained.

I walk away with dignity and grace, Embracing freedom in this newfound space, For I deserve a love that lifts me high, Where passion and respect will never die.

So farewell to the pain that tethered me near, Embracing healing, shedding every tear, I stand empowered, ready to be free, No longer chained to your toxicity.

<strong>sunday Funday Poem<strong>
On the seventh day, as the week unwinds,
Sunday arrives with its joyful binds,
A respite from hustle, a chance to unwind,
Sunday Funday vibes, oh how they bind.
The sun shines bright, casting its golden hue,
Inviting laughter and adventures anew,
From lazy mornings in a cozy embrace,
To vibrant moments that paint life's grace.
With friends and family, we gather near,
Sharing stories and laughter, devoid of fear,
A day of leisure, where worries reside,
Sunday Funday vibes, a joyful ride.
In parks we roam, under skies so blue,
Playing games and chasing dreams all through,
Picnics with treats that tantalize the taste,
Together we savor, never in haste.
Whether exploring nature or lounging in bliss,
Sunday Funday vibes bring pure bliss,
A precious reminder to cherish each day,
To find joy in simple moments along the way.
So let us embrace this day with delight,
With Sunday Funday vibes shining so bright,
A chance to recharge our weary souls,
And create memories that forever hold.
<strong>synchronicities Poem<strong>
Synchronicities: A Sure Sign You're on the Right Path!
In the tapestry of life's grand design,
Synchronicities emerge, oh so divine,
Whispers from the universe, subtle and clear,
Guiding us forward, banishing doubt and fear.
Coincidences, they dance with grace,
Revealing moments in time and space,
A gentle nudge from fate's gentle hand,
Assuring us we're on the path that's grand.
When you seek wisdom, and open your heart,
Synchronicities weave their intricate art,
A chance encounter, a timely sign,
Confirming your purpose, aligning the divine.
Embrace these moments with humble delight,
For they illuminate your journey's true light,
Trust in the whispers, the signs that appear,
You're on the right path, have no fear.
So heed the synchronicities, dear friend,
Let them guide you until the very end,
With gratitude and awe, continue to tread,
Knowing synchronicities are blessings ahead.
Halloween 2023
As darkness falls on a moonlit night,
Halloween's magic takes its flight,
In 2023, a year of fright,
A celebration that brings pure delight.
Ghosts and ghouls begin to appear,
With wicked grins and laughter sear,
Costumes crafted with meticulous care,
Ready to haunt, ready to scare.
Jack-o'-lanterns flicker with eerie glow,
Guiding trick-or-treaters as they go,
Through neighborhoods filled with spooky cheer,
Where surprises lurk around each corner near.
The air buzzes with anticipation,
As parties commence in every location,
Mystical potions and treats to devour,
A Halloween night with limitless power.
Creatures of the night take flight,
Vampires, werewolves, a chilling sight,
The spirits dance with grace and flair,
In this haunted night, beyond compare.
Halloween 2023, a spectacle grand,
Where imagination rules the land,
A time when dreams come to life's stage,
A celebration that leaves us in awe-filled rage.
Happy Birthday Mom
Oh, dear Mom, on this special day,
We celebrate you in every way,
Born in '41, a year of grace,
You bring light and love to our embrace.
With each passing year, you grew strong,
A guiding force when things went wrong,
Your wisdom and kindness, so profound,
In our hearts, forever it will resound.
Through the joys and challenges you've faced,
Your spirit never wavered or misplaced,
You've taught us strength and resilience true,
A priceless gift we cherish from you.
Today, we honor your life's journey,
A beautiful tapestry, rich and worthy,
For all the love and care you bestow,
We thank you, Mom, with hearts aglow.
In '41, a star was born,
A mother's love forever sworn,
Happy birthday, dear Mom, so dear,
May this day bring you endless cheer!
Living Life as a Thank You
With each new day that dawns, I rise,
Grateful for the sunlit skies,
I paint my world with shades of cheer,
Living life as a thank you, dear!
I breathe in gratitude's sweet embrace,
Embracing joy in every space,
For every moment, big or small,
I cherish them, one and all.
From morning's light to evening's rest,
I strive to live life at its best,
With gratitude as my guiding star,
I journey on, both near and far.
In laughter shared and friendship true,
In love that's boundless, pure and new,
I find reasons to be thankful each day,
And let my gratitude light my way.
Through trials faced and lessons learned,
In every twist and bend life's earned,
I see the blessings that surround,
And offer thanks for joys profound.
So let us live with hearts aglow,
In gratitude's warm, gentle flow,
For life is a precious gift to share,
Living life as a thank you, with love and care.
Oh, glorious Friday, you've arrived,
A day that leaves us truly revived,
The workweek's toil begins to fade,
As anticipation starts to cascade.
With each passing hour, we feel the surge,
A burst of energy, like an electric surge,
The weekend beckons, just within reach,
Promising adventures that words cannot teach.
Friday, you bring a contagious thrill,
A joyous aura that's hard to distill,
We celebrate your presence with delight,
As you pave the way for a weekend so bright.
Oh, Friday, you're a beacon of hope,
A day that helps us effortlessly cope,
Your arrival fills our hearts with glee,
For there's no other day quite like thee.
So let us revel in your sacred space,
Embrace the freedom, leave no trace,
Friday, oh Friday, we sing your praise,
As you bless us with your awe-inspiring ways.

My Little Sister

Oh, how time has flown so fast,
My little sister, reaching fifty at last,
From childhood giggles to grown-up dreams,
We've journeyed together, or so it seems.
Through ups and downs, we've laughed and cried,
Side by side, we've weathered the tide,
From scraped knees to heartbreaks untold,
Together we've stood, brave and bold.
Now a milestone is upon us, dear sis,
Fifty years of memories we reminisce,
With every wrinkle and every gray hair,
You're still the vibrant soul beyond compare.
As you turn fifty, let's celebrate with cheer,
For the wisdom gained throughout the years,
You're an inspiration, strong and true,
And forever cherished, my sister, I love you.
So here's to fifty and all that's yet to come,
May your days be filled with joy and fun,
Happy birthday, dear sister of mine,
Forever bonded, like a rare and precious twine.
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